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Daniella Batsheva (Paris Jackson, Kerrang!) and Susan Slaughter (Ghost Hunters Int., Paranormal Caught on Camera) present 'Skirting Spectres,' a pop-up exhibition featuring illustrations of legends, phantoms, and otherworldy creatures that dwell amongst us. Join us at the historic Crypt Gallery at St. Pancras for haunting artwork, paranormal lectures, live drawing demos and meet and greets.  


  Daniella Batsheva will be displaying a series of never before seen illustrations with accompanying stories covering supernatural occurrences in and around London.

  Batsheva reveals, “London has a rich, often gruesome, history and with that you’re going to hear a lot of murmurings about spirits. I’ve heard people speak casually about their personal accounts with faeries and ghosts, mostly about them being a nuisance, disturbing their daily routines, and I wanted to capture that in this collection of pieces.Rather than presenting these experiences in a way that would be terrifying, I wanted to provoke interest, and lend a human side to these otherworldly beings.”

  Inspiration for most of Batsheva’s pieces are taken directly from real-life experiences of friends and colleagues, which is what inspired the title, “Skirting Spectres.” Her work is known for its playfully macabre subject matter, intricate details, and historical references, creating a visually alluring blend that appeals to mainstream and underground crowds.

This event will be Susan Slaughter’s first official UK appearance. Slaughter will be giving lectures on her experiences as a world renown paranormal investigator.

 Slaughter’s interest in the paranormal was sparked by her earliest memories and encounters with shadow people, orbs, and spirits from her early childhood. She knew that she had to find answers behind why she was experiencing  the supernatural and set out of a quest to find spirit guides and teachers. She started to investigate the paranormal professionally at 18 years old, and since then has investigated with teams all over the world in over 30 countries. From Mayan and Incan Temples, Carribean Fortresses, Medieval Castles, and World War sites and bunkers, Slaughter has navigated the supernatural occurrences with a culturally inclusive lens gaining great perspective on the different ways humans around the world perceive life and death and the human soul.

 Susan shares, “The paranormal realms are still largely misunderstood and feared. I’ve spent my whole career in the paranormal field trying to educate people on the power we have to connect with, communicate with, and transform these paranormal energies into our allies and teachers. Behind every ghost story is a lesson in the human experience and a lesson on how to live.”

The exhibition will be open to the public from April 25-30, with lectures, Q&A and signings by Susan Slaughter, live drawing demonstrations with Daniella Batsheva, and time slots available for private viewings. Lectures will be held on Friday, April 28th, and Saturday, April 29th, 2023.